Married's Ministry

In a culture driven by individualism and attitude of having it your way, it is difficult for a man and a woman to come together in a healthy relationship.

Not only is culture promoting an individualistic attitude, but it is our nature to look out for our own interest and pursue our own way.As a Fellowship we desire to help couples see marriage as a gift from God and that love is sacrificial, not self-serving. Classes and resources are available to newlyweds and those considering marriage.

With a great team of trained Councillors, young marrieds and those aspiring are prepared for the great institution of marriage, our desire is that those aspiring for marriage are coached for a period of at-least six months.

While marriage may be the hardest thing, it can be the greatest thing if you’re willing to work at it! A great and creative marriage is possible for you. Whether you’ve been married for a week, 10 years, or aren’t even married yet, we want to show you that encouragement, strength and healing available for every marriage through Christ.

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