Men's ministry

Our GCC men's ministry meets every first Saturday of the month. This group is focused on mentoring the younger men.Real life issues are tackled in these meetings and sometimes even the women are invited to share with the men on how effective communication can be encouraged in families.

We believe that men are to be raised in the fear of the Lord and are to play a leading role in society. We are raising a generation of exemplary fathers, sons, businessmen and leaders of today's world.We cant ignore the fact that in today's world men are playing a leading role in politics, economic etc so we believe that if we challenge the men to be passionate about God this passion will overflow to the various sectors that these men are involved in. This will inturn bring a fundamental change to society. Men of Valour are men with a heart for God, serving God, reaching out for God and making a difference for God in their families, jobs and society.